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11-Jun-2014 13:39

 Just had a great extended weekend at the PartouTango festival in Veckenstedt, Germany. Laura and I (Tangolicious) were invited to contribute to the festival by singing and playing our tangos, milongas and valses with all our heart. Thanks, Edda and Andreas, for the invitation!

Here a link to a clip from one of our performancest at the festival, Laura giving a very inspired interpretation indeed of the tango-classic "Fumando espero". Thank you for filming Petra!


One thing I really enjoyed was that our music seemed to be very much an integral part of the life at the festival. We followed the moods and currents of the festival, and we in turn helped shape the festival.

It was our second international performance within a short time: two weeks ago we sang at the Edinburgh International Tango Festival. This was also a good experience, quite different from PartouTango. When we returned from Edinburgh flying Business Class, accompanied by guitar and ukelele, we felt like two famous musicians on an international tour, so that was fun. I was even a tiny bit surprised we were not welcomed at Schiphol Airport by cheering crowds and hordes of journalists... ;-)


We might appear at another great festival shortly, I will keep you posted...



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